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Introduced in Lightroom Classic ( 2020 release) Establish default settings for importing raw document format pictures in Lightroom Classic according to Adobe configurations, camera-specific defaults, or custom presets. To set default settings for uploading raw pictures, do the following: Navigate to Edit > Preferences (Win) or Lightroom Classic > Preferences (macOS). Pick the Presets tab in the Preferences dialog box. In the Master drop-down, pick among the following: Adobe DefaultSelect that choice to use Adobe default options to your raw pictures. Camera SettingsSelect this choice to maintain the settings of the camera from which the raw image was shot. PresetSelect this choice and select a preset to apply on your raw images while still minding them. If you choose Camera Settings and there are no matching configurations in Lightroom Classic, then the Adobe Default settings will be implemented. Set default settings for importing raw images You may set default settings to your raw images depending on the camera model. You may even define different default settings for several cameras of the same camera model based on their serial number. To set default settings based on camera model, do the following: Select Override master configurations for specific cameras beneath Extended Defaults. Choose a camera model from the Camera drop-down. The drop-down listing Legal default From Lightroom en contains the title of all of the camera models out of which you have imported raw images. (Optional) If you want to create default settings for a camera based on the serial number, then choose Show serial number. The Camera drop-down listing now contains the title of camera models along with their serial numbers. Set raw defaults specific to camera model From the Default drop-down, choose among these: To modify a default setting you have made, do the following: Select the default option setting that you wish to modify and then do one of the following: Click on the down arrow beside the default preference. Right/Left-click on the default setting Modify default configurations Select the new setting from your pop-up menu. To delete a default setting you have created, do the following: Select the default setting which you would like to delete and then execute one of the following: Right-click about the default preference Select Delete in the pop-up menu. Delete default settings it is possible to set raw defaults depending on the ISO values of your raw images. To try it, you need to create an ISO adaptive preset and set it as default for your raw images. You can define Unique settings for different ISO values on your preset